Attractions in Kiel’s city centre

The town hall’s tower is a soft reminder of Venice’s campanile. St. Nicolai’s church at Alter Markt has offered guidance since 1242, and Schleswig-Holstein’s state parliament resides in the former military academy of the imperial navy. Kiel’s history is unique: Expulsion from the Hanse, foundation of the university, affiliation to Denmark, industrialisation and the sailor’s revolt, the German emperor and wars.

We will be more than happy to help you find a guided tour.

Kiel Sailing City

Fjord Ferries

Public transport on the water, that’s Kiel! The ferries stop at Reventloubrücke (10 minute walk). Destination La Boe. During summer to Schilksee and Strande.

Fjord Ferries

Harbour Tour

Cannot be missed. There is a lot to see: the big cruise ships, shipyards, ferries, and the entrance to the Kiel Canal in Kiel-Holtenau.

Fjord Cruise

Düsternbrook’s “KulturSpuren” (Traces of Culture)

It starts directly in front of our doorstep. The “Marienhain” (Maria’s grove) is namesake for the hotel’s Marienflügel and part of KulturSpuren. During a nice walk, discover interesting historic facts, a slightly different view of Kiel, and, of course, the Kiel Fjord. Unfortunately, detailed information is only available in German.


The Kiel Canal/Maritime Quarter

Locally known as the “Nord-Ostsee-Kanal,” the Kiel Canal saves ships many nautical miles, and provides for a lot to see and do: A tour of the locks in Kiel Holtenau or a bike tour along the canal. The two cities of Wik and Holtenau are also worth some scrutiny, as there is lots to discover.

Observation deck at the locks
Maritime Quarter
Map of the Maritime Quarter


Camp24/7 pitch their tents right at Reventloubrücke from May to September. And then they sail, for all it is worth. Adolescents and adults. Trial courses in a sailing dinghy, evening cruises, or a sailing tour of the city. The offerings are vast and just out of the hotel’s doors.

Camp 24/7


Pictures in motion from Kiel. A beautiful overview.

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