Size {{rooms.selectedOption.flaeche}}
Length x Width x Height {{rooms.selectedOption.massen}}
Natural light {{rooms.selectedOption.tageslicht}}
Room Darkening {{rooms.selectedOption.verdunkelung}}
A/C {{rooms.selectedOption.klimaanlage}}
Screen / video projector {{rooms.selectedOption.leinwandbeamer}}
Round tables {{rooms.selectedOption.rundetische}}
Parliament {{rooms.selectedOption.parlamentarisch}}
Rows of chairs {{rooms.selectedOption.stuhlreihen}}
U-shaped outside (and inside) {{rooms.selectedOption.uform}}
Block square {{rooms.selectedOption.blockeckig}}
Block oval {{rooms.selectedOption.blockoval}}
Kaufmannsladen 40 pax (60 pax with Kaufmanns Eck)
Kaufmanns Eck Block up to 18 pax
Ahlmanns 20 pax + 8
Rates/Expected Turnover
Meeting room Bellevue {{times.selectedTime.bellevue}}
Meeting room Seegarten {{times.selectedTime.seegarten}}
Meeting room Reventlou {{times.selectedTime.reventlou}}
Meeting room Blücher {{times.selectedTime.bluecher}}
Meeting room Fördesaal {{times.selectedTime.foerdesaal}}

The rates are the guaranteed turnover for the rooms. In cases where the turnover is lower, we charge the difference between the given rates and the actual turnover as rent.