Meeting Rooms

Masters of transformation to your needs: Four smaller piers or one big hall. Be it a small meeting in our room Blücher with 28m2, a session with view of the Fjord in Seegarten at 80m2, or really big at 200m2 in the Fördesaal, there always is a good view on innovative ideas.

Contact meet:
Telefon +49 .431 .8811-132

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Size {{rooms.selectedOption.flaeche}}
Length x Width x Height {{rooms.selectedOption.massen}}
Natural light {{rooms.selectedOption.tageslicht}}
Room Darkening {{rooms.selectedOption.verdunkelung}}
A/C {{rooms.selectedOption.klimaanlage}}
Screen / video projector {{rooms.selectedOption.leinwandbeamer}}
Round tables {{rooms.selectedOption.rundetische}}
Parliament {{rooms.selectedOption.parlamentarisch}}
Rows of chairs {{rooms.selectedOption.stuhlreihen}}
U-shaped outside (and inside) {{rooms.selectedOption.uform}}
Block square {{rooms.selectedOption.blockeckig}}
Block oval {{rooms.selectedOption.blockoval}}
Kaufmannsladen 40 pax (60 pax with Kaufmanns Eck)
Kaufmanns Eck Block up to 18 pax
Ahlmanns 20 pax + 8
Provisioning costs
Bellevue 200 €
Blücher 200 €
Seegarten 300 €
Reventlou 300 €
Bellevue & Seegarten 400 €
Reventlou & Blücher 400 €
Seegarten & Reventlou 400 €
Fördesaal 550 €

For the preparation of the respective room according to your wishes, provisioning costs arise regardless of lodging and catering turnover. These are charged once per event.

All prices quoted are gross prices. The packages are valid from 10 persons.

Rates/Expected Turnover
Meeting room Bellevue {{times.selectedTime.bellevue}}
Meeting room Seegarten {{times.selectedTime.seegarten}}
Meeting room Reventlou {{times.selectedTime.reventlou}}
Meeting room Blücher {{times.selectedTime.bluecher}}
Meeting room Fördesaal {{times.selectedTime.foerdesaal}}

The rates are the guaranteed turnover for the rooms. In cases where the turnover is lower, we charge the difference between the given rates and the actual turnover as rent.