Massages and body rituals

Relaxed from head to toe

Apart from classic massages that are individually adapted to your needs by our experienced masseurs, you can get to know the regenerating effect of algae, alluvial bay muds, and sea salt from head to toe.


Gertraud Gruber

A treat for your skin

The detoxing and relaxing  treatments combine chosen elements of Ayurvedic skin and body care with Gertraud Gruber’s exclusive cosmetics. Central to the treatment of face and body are deliciously relaxing  massages, warm oils, finely fragrant emulsions, and pure, chosen herbal essences.

Classic Massage

A massage individually adapted to your needs. It alleviates tension, reduces stress, and stirs new energy.

Whole body    60 min       72 EUR
Partly               40 min       49 EUR                                                 Back                 25 min       36 EUR


Foot Reflexology

Reflex zones in the foot reflect organs, muscles, and bodily functions. Pressure on these zones positively influences the respective organs and parts of the body. Releases Blockages, activates the metabolism, and strengthens the body’s own healing powers.

40 min       54 EUR


Relaxing Aroma Massage

Due to their unique characteristics essential oils can be suitably mixed for the most diverse ailments. The aromatic oils are then diluted and massaged into your skin — an extraordinary sensation of relaxation for all senses.

60 min       84 EUR



Soft pressure alleviates tension and blockages. Energy flows freely again throughout your body. Experience truly deep relaxation.

Body & face     90 min       109 EUR


Hot Stone

Warm, rounded lava stones activate your energy centers in spine, hands, and in between your toes. The warmth in combination with the intense massage – with both hand and stone – strongly activates the circulation, loosens the muscles deeply, and invigorates the body’s own healing powers. Look forward to an expedient experience of sensual delight!

60 min       79 EUR


Lomi Lomi

Lomi means rubbing, kneading or pressing, the doubling reinforces this meaning. As part of the traditional Hawaiian healing art, this holistic massage helps to let the energy flow freely in the body and releases blockages, from head to toe.

Body & face     90 min       115 EUR


The exfoliations stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells. The skin is toned and enriched with minerals.

30 min       39 EUR


Exfoliation and Pack

This soothing body ritual moisturizes deeply and is a delight to all senses. A thorough cleansing exfoliation prepares the skin ideally for the body pack. And then: Secure and snug in the cozy warmth of a pack, the skin is supplied with nutrients and gets moisturized. The silhouette gets toned and is left silky soft.

60 min       79 EUR



Please make your appointment early. You can make an appointment, or simply ask a question, every day, by phone +49 .431 .8811-200. When making an appointment, please let us know if you have a health issue that needs to be taken into consideration.



Plan ahead, so you do not have to rush to make your appointed time. A warm shower or a trip to the sauna relaxes and cleanses the pores. Please avoid, if possible, substantial meals and alcoholic beverages prior to the treatment.



When you cannot make an appointment, please let us know early. Up to 24 hours before the beginning of your treatment we will gladly cancel your appointment at no charge; after that we reserve the right to charge the amount stated.


Massage Therapists

We have male and female massage therapists. Let us know your preferences when making an appointment.


Bathrobes and Towels

You will be provided with bathrobes and towels at our reception desk. We should like to affirm that appropriate swimwear is required for the pool area, whereas the sauna area is a nude area.


Sanctum — a Quiet Haven

Being a quiet area, the Sanctum is for adults only. Children under the age of 16 are only admitted with an accompanying, adult guardian. Please turn your cell phones to silent mode.