On the western shore of the Kiel Fjord, just north of the Kiel Canal, there is the Falckenstein beach.
The natural beach has fine sand, fields of marram grass, no wicker beach chairs, no visitor’s tax, and provides a wonderful view of the passing cruise ships and ferries.


Schilksee’s big Olympic Harbour provides a special maritime atmosphere. And lots to see! The beach is nestled at the south side of the harbour and easily reached by a flight of stairs. The water is very shallow and calm thanks to the big breakwaters.


A more tranquil spot, Strande is a beautiful beach with very nice restaurants and sufficient set of wicker beach chairs. All that is needed for a perfect day at the beach.


Beach, shopping, and some sights. The Baltic seaside resort Laboe has a very fine beach on the eastern shore of the Kiel Fjord. The shallow water makes Laboe a unique digging adventure for kids. Numerous small food stalls and restaurants close to the beach round off a beach experience in sight of the Laboe Naval Memorial.


This 3,7km natural beach is unique. Beautiful. Pristine. With a wide view on the Baltic Sea. Ideal for surfing, recreation, and dog owners.

There is a big parking lot (with a fee) adjacent to the beach.