Classic Massages

A massage individually adapted to your needs. It alleviates tension, reduces stress, and stirs new energy.
Whole body 60 Min — 72 EUR
Partly 30 Min — 36 EUR

Relaxing Aroma Massage

Due to their unique characteristics essential oils can be suitably mixed for the most diverse ailments. The aromatic oils are then diluted and massaged into your skin — an extraordinary sensation of relaxation for all senses.
60 Min — 89 EUR

Hot Stone

Warm, rounded lava stones activate your energy centers in spine, hands, and in between your toes. The warmth in combination with the intense massage – with both hand and stone – strongly activates the circulation, loosens the muscles deeply, and invigorates the body’s own healing powers. Look forward to an expedient experience of sensual delight!
60 Min — 72 EUR
90 Min — 108 EUR


Foot Reflexology

Reflex zones in the foot reflect organs, muscles, and bodily functions. Pressure on these zones positively influences the respective organs and parts of the body. Releases Blockages, activates the metabolism, and strengthens the body’s own healing powers. Includes a footbath.
ca. 60 Min — 65 EUR

Herbal Stamp Massage

Depending on massage technique and used herbs this activates the metabolism, detoxifies, and loosens the muscles. The use of first-class oils and the alternating knocking, stroking, and circling with warm and fragrant herbal stamps will amaze you and lead to a deep physical and emotional relaxation.
Body 60 Min — 99 EUR
Body and face 90 Min — 119 EUR

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