Padabhyanga (Foot)

This Ayurvedic foot treatment very gently activates vital points on feet and thighs. It relaxes, balances, and softly cleanses the whole organism. Includes a pleasant footbath and finishing treatment.
60 Min — 72 EUR

Mukabhyanga (Face)

A soft stimulation of the Marma vital points between forehead and chest. Bioenergetic pathways, the meridians, run through these vital points, which send positive stimuli to rebalance the inner equilibrium. A soft sandalwood exfoliation and a cream according to your dosha make your skin palpably soft and supple.
60 Min — 89 EUR

Abhyanga (Body)

A soft but effective body exfoliation stimulates cell regeneration and activates your metabolism. Your skin gets exceptionally receptive for the exclusive Ayurasan body oil. Soft pressure alleviates tension and blockages. Energy flows freely again throughout your body. Experience truly deep relaxation and wake up with exquisitely smooth and rejuvenated skin.
90 Min — 108 EUR


Ayurasan Method

The detoxing and relaxing Ayurasan treatments combine chosen elements of Ayurvedic skin and body care with Gertraud Gruber’s exclusive cosmetics. Central to the treatment of face and body are deliciously relaxing Meridian massages, warm Ayurvedic oils, finely fragrant emulsions, and pure, chosen herbal essences.

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