Exfoliations, packs and rituals

Sea salt exfoliation

Suitable for sensitive skin.
30 Min 36 EUR

Algae exfoliation

Detoxifies and stimulates.
30 Min 36 EUR

Pack and algae exfoliation

Tones, detoxifies, and activates the lymphatic system.
60 Min 72 EUR

Bay mud exfoliation and pack

Moisturizes, calms strongly, and relieves itching.
60 Min 72 EUR



The exfoliations stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells. The skin is toned and enriched with minerals. Secure and snug in the cozy warmth of a pack the skin is supplied with nutrients and gets moisturized. The silhouette gets toned and is left silky soft.


More Sea

Detoxifying algae, seawater extracts, and bay mud supply your skin with valuable trace elements and vitamins. A cleansing body exfoliation with sea salt crystals, a massage with algae gel, and an enveloping body mask increase vitality and general well-being.
90 Min 135 EUR

Maritime Relaxation

This soothing body ritual moisturizes deeply and is a delight to all senses. A thorough cleansing with the La Mer sea salt exfoliation prepares the skin ideally for the body pack. The pack regenerates, moisturizes, and nourishes. Whilst the pack does its work you will receive a relaxing head massage. The ritual concludes in a feel-good body massage.
90 Min 135 EUR

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