Der Kieler Kaufmann e.V.

The Kieler Kaufmann is based in the surburban villa location of Duesternbrook in Kiel. The estate was established in 1910 by the banker family of Ahlmann. Kieler Kaufmann e.V, which was newly founded in 1947, took over the estate after the Second World War. The association soon became one of the centres of social and economic life in Kiel, a platform for the meeting of certain circles belonging to all parts of the economic and public life of the Schleswig-Holstein state and the city of Kiel.

The aim of the Kieler Kaufmann e.V. is to bring together its members and enhance the exchange of views among members and personalities from the world of economics, politics and culture, who are important for the economic life of Schleswig-Holstein. Furthermore, it promotes friendly contacts to commercial businesses abroad and at home. This takes place independently of party-political, idealogical and religious links.

Blick zur Kieler Förde
The club's executive board with family Lessau (01. June 2010)
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