Today only the name “Krusenkoppel” reminds one of the formerly rural atmosphere.

In 1911 the Ahlmann family built our main house

In 1859, with Kiel’s population at 20,000, the Kiel bank executive Dr. Wilhelm Ahlmann bought parts of a paddock on the Kiel Fjord. In the same year his son, the later Dr. Ludwig Ahlmann was born. In 1911, Kiel’s population had then reached 240,000, Dr. Ludwig Ahlmann built today’s main house, the Romantik Hotel Kieler Kaufmann, on this special place. He commissioned the well-known church architect Voigt who designed the house in neo-baroque style. For 25 years the Ahlmann family resided on the distinguished estate in Kiel’s upper class quarter Düsternbrook.

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